1. Why haven't I received my purchased packages? (Google) | Dragon Siege
Dragon Siege Billing
1. Why haven't I received my purchased packages? (Google)

Delivery of your purchased in-game items can be delayed depending on your network connection, payment process, or the Store.

We advise you to be patient with the delivery and if the items are not delivered after a certain period of time, please try following the steps below.

Here is how to check your order receipt.

■ Google Store

1. Access Google Gpay ▶ https://payments.google.com/

2. Login with your Google account.

3. [Acitivity] ▶ Select your payment activity.

※ Order number starting from GPA must be included in the receipt.

In case that your purchased items are not delivered to your in-game mailbox after the process, please send us a ticket with your receipt screenshot and details below.

If the purchased item is not delivered to your in-game mailbox, please submit an inquiry at Customer Service with a screenshot of the receipt and the information below.

■ Required Information

1. Lord Name:

2. Member Number:

3. Google Account:

4. Purchase Date & Time:

5. Purchased Package Name:

6. Order Number: GPA.

7.Your Request (Cancel / Receive Purchased Item(s))

■ In-Game Customer Support

1.Go to Settings > Click Customer Support

[ C/S Link: https://ndream.oqupie.com/portals/1683 ]

If you send us a ticket with the details above, we will assist you promptly.