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2. How do i request to cancel a payment?

[Reasons Why Payment Cancellation Is Not Possible]

※ Payment cancellation is not available if more than 7 days have passed since the purchase or if you've already claimed the purchased items through in-game mail.

※ Items that take effect immediately upon purchase are exempt from payment cancellation.

※ If purchases made during payment events involve acquiring items as rewards and those items have been consumed, the payment cannot be canceled.

If none of the above reasons apply, and you wish to cancel a payment for a purchased item, please follow these steps and complete the form for inquiries:

1.  Check Payment Information - [Link]

- Access the Google Payment Center.

- Log in using your Google ID.

- Navigate to Subscriptions and Services.

- Check Other Purchase Activity.

- Select the specific payment transaction from your completed purchases.

- Confirm the Transaction ID.

- Attach a screenshot of the receipt that includes the 17-digit GPA number.

2.  Once you've confirmed the information, please complete the following form and submit your inquiry - [Link]

■ Payment Information Confirmation Request

- Lord Name:

- User Id:

- Payment Date:

- Name of the Purchased Item:

- Screenshot of Receipt with Order Number:

- Request: Payment Cancellation

※ Be sure to attach a screenshot of your payment history for accurate verification of payment information.