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📕 GM Guide - Beast ‘Tyrant Owl’

Hey there, Lords!


We’ve got some updates for you about the second Season after a Kingdom Reassignment, specifically the newly added Beast ‘Tyrant Owl’.


Now, let's dive into how this Tyrant Owl looks and what it brings to the table!


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These fantastic Beasts are available right from the start of Season 2. Capturing them depends on the Chronicles,

so pay attention to what we’re about to share.


1. Beast Cage

Once you hit Gate Lv.25 and finish expanding the Village, you can unlock the Beast Cage outside the Village wall.

Spend some Coins and Construction Kits, and You can build the Beast Cage and start capturing these creatures.

So, make sure you get Beast Cage up and running.


Oh, and as your Palace level goes up, you can build more Cages.

Don't forget to check out the outside of your Village every time you level up your Palace!


2. Beast Capture

Beasts start appearing from the "Settlement Preparation" Chronicle, marking the beginning of Season 2.

After building the Beast Cage, keep an eye out for Undead Army Shelters scattered around the Field.

The Beast ‘Tyrant Owl guards some of these Shelters, and that's where you want to focus.


Successfully raid one of these Shelters, and there's a chance you'll capture the Beast.

You can check the captured Beast in the Beast Cage built in your Village. Just note, after the ‘Entering the Gateway’ Chronicle

starts, capturing Beasts becomes impossible. So, snag them before you cross that Gate into the Central Region.


3. Beast Advance


Once you've successfully captured a Beast, it can advance and attack during the Siege battle.

It advances from your Village to the targeted Castle during the battle. However, it does not attack Watchtowers.

Once it successfully conquers the Castle, it can't be stationed or utilized for defense for the Castle; instead, it will head back to your Village.


If, by the end of the Siege battle, the Beast still has HP left but hasn’t conquered the Castle, it returns. However,

if it loses all its HP during the attack, it won't return but will flee the battlefield. So, for those critical battles,

capture enough Beasts in advance and use them strategically.


We hope you're excited about the Beasts added in Season 2, especially Beast ‘Tyrant Owl’. Go out there, capture Beasts,

advance, and enjoy some strategic Siege battles!