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๐Ÿ“• GM Guide | Settlement Protection(Beta)

Hello, Lords,

Today, weโ€™re excited to introduce you to the Settlement Protection content!

Starting from Season 2, Lords who have reached Palace Lv. 20 and own a Dragon of Lv. ย 50 or above can participate in this thrilling content.

In Settlement Protection, you'll utilize your battle-hardened Dragons to fight off hordes of Undead attacking from all sides and protect your Village Portal.

Follow along for a detailed guide on how to master Settlement Protection!

1. Entering the Settlement

Once your Palace reaches Lv. 20 and you own a Dragon of Lv. 50 or above, you can initiate Settlement Protection through your Palace. Locked Settlements unlock upon meeting the Palace level requirements and completing the previous Settlement challenges. Once unlocked, you can enter without any specific conditions and repeat the challenges as often as you like.

Each Settlement offers diverse natural environments and Resource areas, with the size and location of these Resources varying from one Settlement to another. The Resource areas are categorized as follows:

1) Farmland: Produce Gold through agriculture.

2) Forest: Harvest woods to produce Gold.

3) Mine: Mine resources to produce Gold.


2. Summoning Dragons

Upon entering a stage, you'll first need to summon a Dragon to defend the Settlement. Only Dragons raised in your Village that are Lv. 50 or above will appear in the list, allowing you to choose freely.

*Note that in Settlement Protection, a Dragon's strength scales with its level and Evolution stage, but other attributes do not apply.

Upgrading the Dragon Nest increases its strength, and if destroyed, the Dragon will temporarily disappear. You'll need to repair the Dragon Nest to bring your Dragon back.

Dragons come with various effects, so choose wisely:

1) Kratos

- Leaves flames on the ground, causing continuous damage.

- Evolving increases the duration of the flames.

2) Euros

- Freezes the target's feet, preventing them from moving.

- Evolving increases the duration of the freeze.

3) Zelos

- Slow but delivers a powerful single-hit damage.

- Evolving increases the damage dealt.

4) Pax

- Uses wind to knock down enemies, rendering them immobile.

- Evolving increases the duration of immobilization.

5) Bia

- Attacks a wide area quickly.

- Evolving increases the damage dealt.


3. Construction


Upon entering a stage, you can construct buildings using the construction icon located at the bottom left of the screen. Dragon Nests and Village Portals are provided by default, along with various buildings to counter enemy attacks. The key buildings include:

1) Core Buildings:

ย - Village Portal: The key structure that must be protected from the Undead.

ย - Dragon Nest: The key structure that allows summoning Dragons.

2) Resource-Related Buildings:

- Farm: Produces Gold from farmland.

- House: Generates Gold outside of Resource area.

- Observatory: Increases Gold drop from Undead.

- Automated Management Facility: Boosts Gold production in Resource area.

- Construction Center: Reduces construction costs.

3) Combat-Related Buildings:

- Obstruction: Blocks the enemyโ€™s patch, or makes them turn back

- Arrow Tower: Strikes a single soldier with a powerful arrow.

- Cannon Tower: Fires a shell with a large blast radius.

- Magic Tower: Fires lightning that attacks enemies in a line.


4. Upgrades


After entering a stage, use the upgrade icon located at the bottom right to unlock new buildings or upgrade existing ones. Upgrades require upgrade points, and some buildings may need prerequisites to be met. Tower buildings can be promoted every 5 levels for increased effectiveness!

1) Arrow Tower

- Promotion increases the tower's height, extending its range.

2) Cannon Tower

- Upon Promotion, the cannon enlarges, allowing it to fire larger cannonballs.

3) Magic Tower

- Upgrading increases the number of chain lightning connections.

Moreover, using Upgrade Points also boosts your Settlement level experience by the amount of points used. As your Settlement level rises, so does the level of your Village Portal, and the Gold provided at the start increases, accelerating your growth!


5. Stage Progression


Once you've completed building and upgrading, you can start the stage using the start button at the top of the screen. Utilize various buildings and Dragons to defeat the incoming Undead from multiple directions. By pressing and holding the Dragon portraits at the bottom, you can freely move your Dragons to strategically place them where needed.

The direction of incoming Undead will be indicated by icons on the screen, allowing you to prepare in advance. Stages are divided into multiple levels, and after each stage, you'll return to the preparation phase to repair and construct buildings. Using this strategic planning can help you progress further.

Defeating Undead grants Gold for use within the Settlement, and clearing stages provides upgrade points. Clearing all stages in a Settlement and returning to the selection screen awards a one-time clear reward, so don't forget to collect it!

Once you complete a settlement, the next one will unlock, allowing you to progress through the stages. Keep pushing forward and aim to clear them all!

ย ย 

6. Ranking


Once you clear a settlement, you'll have the opportunity to embark on a ranking score challenge specific to that area!

Your achievements in these challenges will earn you a spot on the leaderboard. After entering a cleared settlement stage, you can use the war horn icon at the top of the screen to increase your challenge level, bringing forth stronger enemies as the level rises.

With each Undead unit you defeat, you'll earn points corresponding to the challenge level. Higher levels mean higher scores, so push yourself to take on stronger Undead to maximize your points!

However, setting the challenge level too high might lead to early defeat, so finding the right balance to clear it through to the end is key. Even if your Dragons are at a lower level, employing strategic upgrades and construction can lead to high scores.

* Remember, your challenge score isn't cumulative; you can always attempt to beat your best score to climb higher in the rankings.