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📕 GM Guide | The Dragon Nest

Greetings, Lords!

Today, we’ve dashed over to share some exciting game insights with you all!

Our topic for today is about a prized item necessary for hatching Dragons—the 'Dragon Soul Shard.'

You can acquire this item within the mysterious realm of the Dragon Nest.

*Remember, you can initiate the hatching process by checking the number of 'Dragon Soul Shards' you have through the Dragon Info window located at the upper left corner of the Dragon Nest screen.

Now, let's delve deeper into the Dragon Nest and explore what it has in store for us!

1. Structure of the Dragon Nest

The Dragon Nest can be accessed through the Observatory. It's primarily divided into two types of battles—Dragon battles and Undead battles.

Here's a brief on both:

1) Dragon Battles

- These battles feature the formidable Dark Dragon Boss. There are no waves; defeating the single boss means victory.

2) Undead Battles

- In Undead battles, you'll face numerous Undead troops. These battles are divided into three waves, and victory is achieved by defeating all incoming Undead troops.

 If there are nests available for challenge, an icon will appear on top of the Observatory. Make sure to check in from time to time!


2. Difficulty Levels of the Dragon Nest

The difficulty of the Dragon Nest is determined by its level. However, even at the same level, the stage grade can increase the difficulty.

The more stages you clear, the more the nest levels up, introducing more challenging stages. So, take on these stages actively!

The Dragon Nest refreshes every 8 hours. If you haven't cleared the stages within this timeframe, they reset—but worry not, unclaimed rewards from these stages do not vanish. However, keep in mind that not claiming these rewards can block new stages from appearing. So, it's best to claim your rewards promptly!

3. Dragon Nest Battles

Upon selecting a stage and pressing the ‘Explore’ button, you'll be taken to a ‘Assign Troop’ screen where you can assign your troops. Assign your desired troops freely and press the ‘Explore’ button to commence battle in the Dragon Nest.

The battles here are automatic, requiring no direct control, but you can speed up the battle using the acceleration button on the right—feel free to use this feature for a swift victory.

Besides the Dragon Soul Shard, you can also earn Gold and Crystals in each stage, so we recommend challenging the nests regularly as they refresh.


4. Level Adjustment System in the Dragon Nest

You can adjust the level of the Dragon Nest manually via the level change icon located at the bottom left of the menu.

*Note, you can only adjust to a previously achieved level, so plan accordingly.

If you find a stage's difficulty daunting, consider downgrading to an easier level before re-engaging in battle. 

You can also check the maximum number of nests and the grade probability for each level using this icon, so keep this in mind when setting your level.